Are you qualified for your job?

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 By Jack Nevison

Have you ever experienced "imposter syndrome"?

It tends to hit people during their first day on the job. They feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they face and imagine that they are not nearly as qualified as their co-workers. Often, this feeling of nervous anxiety continues to haunt them. They wonder how they got the job in the first place. Perhaps it was due to an administrative error, or a mistake on the part of the hiring manager.

An article in Fast Company defines imposter syndrome as the feeling experienced by people "smitten with a fear that sooner or later something is going to happen—probably that you'll make a mistake—that will cause people to recoil in horror and say, 'How did we hire this person? Obviously they're not up to the job.'"

These feelings plague more people than you might think, both in and out of the professional world. The news source notes that three-quarters of Harvard Business School students report feeling like they got into the school "by some failure of the admission process."

Could it be that none of these people are qualified for the positions they hold? Not likely. Instead, the news source argues that these people are probably perfectionists who "set excessively high, unrealistic goals and then experience self-defeating thoughts and behaviors when they can't reach those goals."

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