Employee engagement is a top priority for many companies

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 By Jack Nevison

As a project manager, you quickly learn that employees respond in various ways to different leadership styles. Part of the manager's responsibility is to inspire employees' commitment and passion for their assignments, which increases productivity and job satisfaction. According to a study published by Forbes, 78 percent of business leaders rate employee retention and engagement critical to their organization's success. 

This blog has previously discussed the financial drain and negative influence of employee turnover, and the ways it affects both office morale and the bottom line. New research by industry experts has found that employee engagement is not solely based on salary or assignments, but on the existence of a company culture that is inclusive, fulfilling, meaningful and fun. 

As revealed by Forbes, many industries are trying to re-engage their employees. Pharmaceutical companies are attempting to reinvent themselves as "health and wellness companies." Banks and financial firms are drafting new value statements and company missions. Josh Bersin, founder of the research and advisory firm Bersin, stated "People are not motivated by the bottom line – they want to feel like they're a part of something bigger than themselves."

To accomplish this, Bersin argues that a new way of thinking about employee engagement is needed. In fact, he believes that the term "employee engagement" often misleads managers into thinking only in terms of motivation. Instead of framing the issue so narrowly, Bersin believes that companies should focus on how to build an office environment whose mission, identity and culture inspire employees to their best work. 

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