Facebook vs. Twitter: Project management that you will ‘Like’

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 By Jack Nevison

What is the difference between successful and detrimental project management? According to a recent article on Associations Now, it all comes down to focus.

The article compares moves taken by two of the world's most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook recently redesigned its "Like" button, which allows users to quickly express their approval for links posted by their friends. The previous version of the button was gray and contained a blue cartoon hand giving a thumbs-up next to the word "Like." The new version is now blue and contains the Facebook symbol.

It sounds like a small change, but this feature is actually crucial to Facebook's operations. The button gets used billions of times a day, largely because it is so recognizable. Luckily for Facebook, the deliberate corporate focus on this project ensured that it was completed as fast as possible.

Twitter, on the other hand, has had more trouble seeing its projects through to completion efficiently. AllThingsD contributor Mike Isaac wrote in a recent article that the company seems to lack a consistent strategy about how to proceed.

"Engineers inside the company have long grumbled that there are few direct paths for moving product changes up the ladder at an efficient pace," he wrote. "Twitter's occasional 'experiments,' or ideas for change, sometimes sit in their requisite testing phase with 1 percent of users for an inordinately long amount of time, stagnating without any decision being made to move the product forward or kill it."

If these examples are representative of the two companies, it's clear that you should try to manage more like Facebook and less like Twitter. New Leaf Project Management can help with the focused fundamentals of basic project management as explained in our 3-day program, "Five Sigma Project Management."

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