Gamification helps predict future job performance

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 By Jack Nevison

Is gamification useful? Or is it merely a fad, capitalizing on the ways in which many of us idolize technological advancements? 

A recent study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) suggests that it is no mere fad.

The study asked a number of employers to consider how many of their workers they would rehire, based on each employee's current performance. 

As it turns out, not very many.

"It was staggering how many employers came back and said 'we wouldn't rehire anybody' or 'we'd only rehire 10 out of those 90 people in the company,'" said Gareth Jones, partner and chief technologist at consultancy Chemistry Group.

The problem was that these employers did what most HR departments do when they hire new employees. They judged candidates based on their prior experience, intellect or values. However, these factors do not necessarily correlate strongly with job performance. In fact, Jones pointed out that employers were only able to use past performance to predict present results about 25 percent of the time.

The solution Jones proposed was a role-playing game that job candidates would need to pass in order to qualify for the application process. Rather than require applicants to list their work experience, the game challenged them with a series of real-world problems to solve. Jones said that companies who have used this game were able to successfully screen thousands from large application pools, while at the same time increasing the rate of successful interviews.

This is the same principle behind New Leaf's QPM™ game series for project managers as they work to maintain their PMP® certification. Unlike ordinary tests, these games allow managers to explore the quantitive foundations of their real work. For an extra challenge, QPM™ adds a Power Quiz where you can win bonus points by being quick with a correct answer.

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