How can managers keep employees energized?

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 By Jack Nevison

Sometimes, projects experience a slowdown.

It can happen to any project, at any time. Logistical problems can cause a hang up. Or the project slows to a crawl because the principal stakeholders lose interest or are distracted by other projects.

When a slowdown occurs, a manager needs to step in and keep team members from losing their momentum and focus.

How? A recent article on offered some suggestions. First, it quoted Rob Markey, head of global customer strategy and marketing practice at Bain & Company.

"It seems obvious," Markey said. "Direct supervisors who set their teams up for success, observe them in action, ask for feedback, identify the root causes of employee concerns, and then follow through with meaningful improvements have happier, more engaged employees."

Just giving orders is not enough. Managers need to take the time to engage with the individuals on their team. Instead of relying on Human Resources to keep a project running smoothly, managers must take the initiative.

To start, discuss important issues with the team, especially specific issues that may be bothering them. It means a great deal to team members that they are being heard. Most importantly, managers need to tell their teams that their contributions are valuable.

By doing this regularly, managers can ensure that morale remains strong.

At New Leaf Project Management, our 2-day program, "Leading the Project Team," will show you how to keep your teams' spirits up even when the project slows down. In addition, you can learn while you earn PDU credits for PMP recertification.

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