Is your company too big to manage?

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 By Jack Nevison

It's official—you've made it! After several years of hard work, your startup company is now exactly where you always dreamed it would be. You're signing deals and making sales. You're hiring new employees and planning on big expansions.

And yet, something is starting to feel off. You spend more of your time in meetings than you would like, yet you don't feel as productive as you once did. It's getting more and more difficult to figure out who reports to whom.

It's possible that your problem is simple. Your company is now too big for you to manage.

This fact can be hard to accept. But as a recent article on pointed out, there are some sure-fire ways to tell if it is indeed the case.

For example, some companies find that, as they grow larger, their once clear and efficient systems tend to become more diffuse. Some departments are so self-contained that none has much of an idea of what the others do all day. Often, communication between departments breaks down completely.

"A clunky company is, essentially, misaligned," the article reads. "The vision statement is diffuse, the focal business function is lost, anarchy reigns, and the organization culture does not motivate appropriately. In these companies, the critical alignment between values, culture, structure, and behavior is lost."

Does this mean that it is time to downsize, or split your company up? Not necessarily. There are many ways to transform an organization for better performance. A key first step for mastering cross-functional work is to get yourself—and your employees—trained in project management techniques.

At New Leaf Project Management, our 3-day program, "Five Sigma Project Management," will get you up to speed on the fundamentals of PM. In addition, our online QPM games and free white papers let you learn while you earn affordable PDU credits for PMP recertification.

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