IT teams need skilled management for success

Friday, February 21st, 2014 By Jack Nevison

Skilled IT teams have become crucial to a whole array of businesses, both within and outside of the technology industry. An increasing number of business operations have been computerized, especially now that companies are making the switch to cloud-based software. Given this increased importance, project managers in IT must work to ensure that their teams are running as efficiently as possible.

A recent article on CIO offered some tips for those who want their IT teams to be more productive.

  1. Set goals—and be 'Agile.' "Have the team set goals for the quarter—and break the work into smaller chunks that they can then self assign and manage."
  2. Hold regular team meetings—but beware of the excessive meeting trap. While meetings are an excellent opportunity to get everyone on the same page, team members can spend too much time talking about what they have to do, and not enough time actually getting it done.
  3. Provide tools and infrastructure that promote collaboration and efficiency. "This is basically the cardinal rule for any IT manager," Wes Wright, CIO at Seattle Children's Hospital, told the news source. "Even the best team is only as effective as its resources and systems that they use day to day. If you want to get the most out of your IT team, invest in the proper tools. Deploy incredibly secure, yet user-intuitive solutions that will cut down on manual hours and improve accuracy in identifying network problems."

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