Leadership traits that stand the test of time

Monday, June 9th, 2014 By Jack Nevison

The field of project management must constantly adjust to marketplace fluctuations, often experiencing significant change in just a few years. That is why regular project management training is is necessary, not only for personal advancement, but also to stay on top of the latest advances in PM techniques. However, as Andrea Redmond and Charles A. Tribbett III recently shared in their latest work, "Business Evolves, Leadership Endures," some project management elements are timeless.

The book enumerates all the attributes that business leaders should emulate, along with commentary and insight from top industry players on how these characteristics contributed to their own success.

The authors identify one quality that may surprise you—emotional intelligence. Redmond and Tribbett argue that acute emotional intelligence allows a PM to identify the goals, values and demeanor of another almost instinctively. This is a valuable skill because it allows the PM to anticipate the needs and desires of others, especially project stakeholders.

Communication skills are a more predictable, but no less important addition to the list. Harry Kraemer, the former CEO of Baxter International, a $9 billion global healthcare company, is quoted as follows: "Delivering the message and being the leader involves nonstop communication, making sure that everybody on the team understands what you're doing and why."

Being an active and effective communicator is something that all PMs should strive for. With advances in project management software, and the availability of email, instant messaging and video conferencing, it is easier than ever to keep the lines of communication open.

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