Oregon still struggling with healthcare exchange problems

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 By Jack Nevison

Last year, the news was full of reports about the initial problems with the rollout of Healthcare.gov. It seems that better project management was needed to create a functional website for citizens shopping for health insurance.

However, many states that set up their own exchanges had far fewer problems—Kentucky's Kynect, for example, has been hailed as a model system. As a result, we've heard less about the problems afflicting the state exchanges. But such problems certainly exist.

In Oregon, the state government has been struggling with the failure of Cover Oregon to cover anyone. The nearly 150,000 Oregonians who have sought to buy insurance on the exchange had to do so the old fashioned way, by filling out paper applications.

According to a recent article on the Wall Street Journal, Cover Oregon CIO Aaron Karjala has blamed Oracle, saying last year that the company's software was "daunting." He also accused Oracle of missing several important deadlines.

A recent study by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid also holds Oracle partially responsible, but adds that some of the blame falls on Cover Oregon itself.

"It appears that CO [Cover Oregon] does not have any leverage in their contract to make OCS [Oracle Consulting Services] accountable for missing key deliveries," the report read. It added that one of the problems for Cover Oregon is that it does not have a project manager who can ensure that the partnership is properly run.

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