Project management skills are for everyone

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 By Jack Nevison

Project management skills aren't just for team leaders. They are a necessary part of the education of all team members.

To show why this is so, Tech Republic contributor Will Kelly interviewed Viewpath CEO Dean Carlson and Clarizen CEO Avinoam Nowogrodski. Viewpath and Clarizen are both online project management apps that allow for more collaboration.

Carlson offered the example of one client that sought to make project management "less of a top-down planning discipline and make it much more integrated from top to bottom." Carlson's client had "a big contingent of Mac users" on the project, as well as team members working remotely via mobile devices. The old Microsoft Project approach wouldn't work with such diverse contributors.

Carlson chose software that let the company assign multiple people to a task. "Anybody at any point in time could log in and see where they were at with one or multiple projects, and those individuals could have a small sliver of what they are looking for on the project," Carlson said. Team members could use the applications to "check on tasks…in their area of responsibility. "

Nowogrodski noted that participation is crucial when it comes to teaching the skill of project management.

"Democracy means having a voice," he said. In order to build a workplace culture that supports this view, he suggested focusing on aligning project objectives and understanding what is coming in the future.

"At the end of the day, it is about creating active participation with the people you work with," he added. "Participation is being created with people who have a voice."

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