Secrets to a winning project presentation

Friday, May 16th, 2014 By Jack Nevison

The success of a project manager depends in part on the ability to connect and engage with others. Project managers need to be able to influence staff, project sponsors, C-suite level executives and even customers. Failure to connect with any of these people can seriously—and detrimentally—affect a project.

Effective presentation skills play a vital role in getting all project players to stay committed.  While public speaking perennially tops people's lists of phobias, PMs need to master these fears to ensure their project's success. If you don't convey confidence when presenting to others, you may have difficulty winning the support of key stakeholders for your strategy.

A successful project presentation must be well organized. Decide on the purpose of your talk and what you hope it will to accomplish. Prepare any graphics or visual aids you plan to use well in advance, and choose whether you will use a full script, bullet points, or are familiar enough with the material to speak from memory. The best way to ensure that you're prepared is to deliver a trial run to team members, with time for feedback, before the main event.

To truly excel at project presentations, you should work on developing a personal presentation style. The difference between an average, lackluster presentation and one that truly engages and inspires comes with confidence and practice.

New Leaf Project Management's 2-day instructor-led program "Winning Project Presentations" can help you discover how to develop your unique personal style, guaranteed to keep your audience's attention. In addition, we provide convenient and affordable online PDUs through our white papers and QPM, an interactive game.

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