Skilled project managers needed for Canadian bridge repairs

Friday, July 19th, 2013 By Jack Nevison

If project managers are not qualified and prepared, crucial infrastructure projects may fail to meet required engineering specs.

In British Columbia, a 92-year-old rail bridge that crosses the Little Campbell River near the city of White Rock is in need of significant repair before corrosion compromises its safety. However, a recent report by The Province makes it clear that project managers at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railway are not doing an adequate job so far.

Perry Adebar, a professor at the University of British Columbia's civil engineering department, told the news source that he had never seen a structure as corroded as the Little Campbell River bridge. Most disturbing to him were the signs of recent attempts to fix the structure.

"You can see that somebody has jammed some pieces of wood under some steel beams," he said. "These aren't done by a citizen, it's done by a BNSF employee because they've been bolted into the concrete, but it's a pretty shabby repair. Somebody spent a couple of hours one day and stuck some timber under it." 

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from BNSF stated that the company regularly inspects the bridge to ensure that it can carry the weight for which it was designed.

The news source reported that the company is developing a repair plan. It is clear that the project will need well-trained project managers to oversee the work and make sure that the bridge will meet or exceed structural safety requirements.

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