Tips for avoiding bad meetings

Thursday, March 27th, 2014 By Jack Nevison

We all have our own ways of running meetings. We've developed these practices through years of trial and error. But not every manager gets the opportunity to find out if his or her chosen meeting strategy actually works. And not knowing can perpetuate bad meetings.

Nobody wants to sit through a long, boring meeting that seems to have little purpose and may actually harm effective team work. For this reason, project managers should pay attention to the advice offered in a recent article written by contributor John Brandon.

What are some of the meeting mistakes that Brandon mentions? First, he criticizes managers who believe that there are no bad ideas. Obviously, there are plenty of bad ideas, and they should be recognized and quickly dealt with. Though managers should never be rude to the colleagues who float these ideas, neither should they waste meeting time discussing them.

Another time-waster is an over-reliance on follow-up meetings. As Brandon points out, this is often an excuse to postpone a discussion or a decision, when it's best to tackle a topic when it's fresh in everyone's mind.

The ways in which meetings can be mishandled are many and varied. New Leaf's white paper, "How Not to Run a Meeting," takes a humorous look at some of them. In addition, our training programs and online QPM games help project managers earn PDU credits for PMP recertification.

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