Common pitfalls for project managers to avoid

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 By Jack Nevison

As a project manager, you know that when a project runs smoothly, employees, clients and the company all benefit. While a well-managed project will always require hard work and diligence, it also demands extensive planning and structure. Below are some strategies to help your project exceed expectations while keeping your team happy.

  • Remain realistic: It is crucial to shape the expectations for a project at the very beginning. Research all the possible outcomes and be honest about the risks involved—how these risks might affect the finished product.
  • Plan ahead: No matter how experienced the manager, it is always critical to define the scope and plan of action for a project as early as possible. There are always potential dangers that can cause delays and budget problems. It is the project manager's responsibility to build in time for setbacks when the project schedule is created.
  • Reduce redundancy: Redundancy is the bane of project managers everywhere, as it serves only to add cost and time. Managers should track assigned tasks closely and clearly define the roles of each team member to avoid any duplication of effort.
  • Communicate progress: Once you have established a schedule, every project member should know each task's completion date. Make sure to document any instances where the project fell behind schedule and identify what caused the delays.

By following these steps, you can reduce "scope creep," or the expansion of the project over time. If your company's projects are routinely late or fail to meet stakeholder expectations, New Leaf Project Management can help. We offer over 200 hours of customizable PM training to develop better project managers and stronger project teams. In addition, we provide convenient and affordable online PDUs through our white papers and QPM, an interactive game.

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