What are some tools project managers need?

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 By Jack Nevison

Project managers must posses numerous skills to succeed. These include the ability to think quickly, plan and execute tasks, and communicate effectively.

On top of that, project managers must master the best technological tools available for the job. In his recent list, "Five Tools Every Project Manager Needs," posted on the Huffington Post, blogger Greg Voakes suggested a few services that any team leader should consider.

Here are some highlights from the post:

  • Document sharing: While face-to-face communication is important, project managers ignore the written word at their peril. Document sharing services like Google Drive and Dropbox for Teams allow team members to easily share important files.
  • Calendar sharing: It's not enough to call a team member and plan a meeting. Effective project managers should use online calendars—such as Google Calendar—to keep track of all their events and invite team members when necessary. This way, no one has any excuse for missing that important meeting.
  • A backup system: The major drawback of all cloud-based services is that they are exactly that—based in the cloud, not on site. In the event of a poor internet connection or a technical glitch, it is vital for project managers to keep copies of important files offline.
  • Mobile access: As smartphones and tablets become powerful enough to replace computers in many cases, team members will undoubtedly seek to use these devices for their project work. But that will only be possible if their project manager ensures that there is adequate mobile access for their online tools.

Though not all project managers may be tech savvy, there is help available. New Leaf offers the QPM™ game series for project managers working to maintain their PMP® certification, which can be played on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Unlike traditional classroom work, these games allow users to improve both their management skills and their technical abilities, conveniently and affordably.

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