What are the advantages of having a great project manager?

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 By Jack Nevison

Any business that utilizes teams of workers requires a good project manager to take the lead.

Project managers have numerous roles which, when handled properly, can mean the difference between success and failure. According to a post on the Villanova University website, these duties include a significant amount of oversight of a team's budget, objectives and time frame.

"A project manager must define what a project will achieve," the post read, "and then ensure it meets those goals."

This is especially important at companies where projects tend to miss deadline or go over budget. Project managers are tasked with developing a schedule and monitoring every step of the process, while also solving problems and offering morale boosts to the team. Among the skills they must posses are flexibility, decisiveness, coordination and risk tolerance. They must remain calm under pressure while retaining their ability to delegate tasks to others.

As a result, the market for project managers is growing rapidly. In order to stand out, project managers must demonstrate their skills by achieving PMP® certification and renewing it every three years. This can be done with the help of New Leaf Management's QPM™ series of games, which consist of portable, interactive exercises that allow candidates to test their creativity and critical thinking skills, all while earning the PDU credits necessary for certification.

Otherwise, a poor project manager can weigh down a team and cause a potentially strong project to fail. As the post explains, poor management can hurt team morale, resulting in suffering performance standards and higher team member turnover.

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