How can managers ensure that their staff is performing?

Thursday, February 27th, 2014 By Jack Nevison

How can you tell if your staff is working hard enough on a particular project? It isn't always easy. Regular performance reviews can help, of course, but cannot guarantee that day-to-day operations are being carried out effectively. This requires oversight by a skilled project manager.

A recent article on Human Resources Online offers a few suggestions. It isn't enough to simply count the number of hours employees are spending in the office. After all, they could be working slowly, or not at all. Nor does it help to monitor attendance. While it is a good sign when employees show up to work regularly, this does not mean that they are being more productive than those who choose to work from home.

Instead, the news source suggests keeping open lines of communication with team members.

"Getting the opinion of your subordinates' team members on their style and quality of work will get you a perspective that formal reviews and objectives might not," the article reads. 

This means asking pointed questions, such as how much work the subordinate did and how much they had to rely on others.

In addition, it helps for project managers to spend time with the team members themselves, so they can see up close whether performance metrics are being met.

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