Time-management secrets for PMs

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 By Jack Nevison

Project managers often find themselves wishing for a few more hours in the week. Some let tasks slide until the last possible minute, leaving them and their teams scrambling to make deadlines. It can take time for a new project manager to adjust to a schedule, and once accustomed, more projects and tasks are added to the list.

In order to avoid the stress of late nights and last-minute pushes, Inc.com has published some proven time-management techniques to keep projects from falling behind schedule.

  • Start a time log. To find where your time could be used more efficiently, you should first record what time you undertake specific tasks and how long they take. This method lets you determine when to schedule each task for maximum productivity.
  • Work on related tasks together. Kevin Daum, author and marketing consultant, suggests scheduling related tasks together to avoid time wasted switching back and forth between different projects. This strategy cuts down on the time needed to plan and physically prepare for the work, and allows you to focus on specific deliverables instead of every detail of a project.
  • Stop multitasking. Academic studies published by BusinessInsider.com have found that valuable mental energy is wasted when switching between one subject to the next. If the majority of your day is spent dealing with lots of separate issues, you will burn out more rapidly and end the day exhausted. Bring one task to completion before shifting your attention elsewhere. 

New Leaf Project Management's free white paper "Meeting the Challenge of Multi-Project Management" can show you how to make the most efficient use of your time when managing different teams and tasks. In addition, our online series of QPM games let you learn while you earn PDU credits for PMP recertification.

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