Facilitated Games

The sound of the rolling dice combines with the laughter and shouts of the participants. Project managers are learning by doing. They are playing one of the many games that New Leaf offers. Ranging from a couple of hours to a full-day in length, these facilitated simulations dive deeply into the management of uncertainty and resurface with lessons on how to control a project’s many risks. (All game participants earn Category A PDUs.)

1. The Herding Cats© Game: Earned Value in Action (download PDF flier)

A 1-day, 7 PDU (0.7 CEU) facilitated simulation

Herding Cats© is a simulation that will be familiar to all those who work on complex technical projects that are difficult to manage. This experiential learning tool gives you the opportunity to test and apply your understanding of project management in a risk-free yet realistic environment.

2. Stays & Days©: The Short Version (download PDF flier)

A 2-hour, 2 PDU (0.2 CEU) facilitated simulation

Two exciting hours of managing cost and schedule on a tricky project. Stays & Days© combines individual initiative, team cooperation, and capricious dice rolls to show you how to manage a project’s cost and schedule. The debrief focuses on how best to revise your cost and schedule targets as the project progresses.

3. Stays & Days & Dragons©: Advanced Risk Workshop (download PDF flier)

A 1/2-day, 3.5 PDU (0.4 CEU) facilitated simulation

Stays & Days© & Dragons is three thought-provoking games that show you how to balance probabilistic variation in schedule, cost, and risk. The debrief covers how best to revise the target cost and schedule as a project progresses and how to sensibly incorporate highly probable risk into your project plans.

4. Stays & Days© & Schedules: Advanced Scheduling Workshop (download PDF flier)

A 1-day, 7 PDU (0.7 CEU) facilitated simulation

This sequential simulation for the experienced project manager combines individual initiative and team cooperation with competitive play, risk analysis, gut instinct, and some capricious dice rolls to introduce several advanced scheduling concepts.