Constructive Project Negotiation

Resolve differences and build joint value!

A 2-day, 14 PDU (1.4 CEU) instructor-led program

For full details and 2-day agenda, download flier (PDF)

Projects spawn a variety of conflicts that must be carefully resolved. Each stakeholder has expectations that must be clearly set and effectively managed. Agreements that last are forged by constructive negotiation. This program builds the skills that lead to constructive, long-lived agreements between the interested parties and their constituencies. You will apply the techniques of constructive negotiating to project conflicts in realistic workshops. The program features a special section on dealing with difficult negotiators.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Define constructive agreement
  • Manage stakeholder expectations
  • Build win-win, principled agreements
  • Use three methods to prepare for negotiations
  • Know what concrete actions to take during a negotiation
  • Separate exploring issues and options from forging agreements
  • State the seven attributes of a constructive agreement
  • Work together on a negotiating team
  • Recognize a difficult negotiator
  • Apply three tactics for dealing with a difficult negotiator
  • Coach others on their negotiating skills