Fundamental Training

Fundamental programs are intended for managers who are just getting involved with projects. One program prepares managers to study for and pass the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam, while the Certificate programs help managers master the broad fundamentals of exceptional project management.

PMP® Exam Prep Boot Camp (Accelerated)

A 2-day, 14 PDU instructor-led program A comprehensive course that thoroughly prepares you to pass the exam. Developed by a New Leaf executive who contributed to the original PMBOK® Guide and revised the PMP® Exam for PMI®, this program provides an intensive review of the knowledge areas that form the basis of the PMP® Exam. You will identify your personal strengths and weaknesses in each of these areas and design a strategy for passing the exam. Sample exams in each of the knowledge areas will reveal the underlying rationale behind the correct answers, as well as why the wrong answers are wrong.

The Project Management Certificate Program

(NOTE: Courses in the Certificate program are available as stand-alone programs.)

A 17-day, 119 PDU instructor-led series This 8-course series is designed for individuals who are responsible for resource-driven projects in any organization. Each program helps build the competencies described in our Project Manager Competency Model, as well as the knowledge expressed by PMI’s PMBOK® Guide.

1. Five Sigma® Project Management

A 3-day, 21 PDU instructor-led program A cornerstone program that builds on The PMBOK® Guide and range-based estimation to create a robust project plan. Each participant will learn how to balance the triple constraints of scope, cost, and schedule with the other project imperatives of quality, risk, stakeholder satisfaction, and business profit.

2. Constructive Project Negotiation

A 2-day, 14 PDU instructor-led program Project stakeholders have expectations that must be clearly set and effectively managed.Lasting agreements can be forged through constructive negotiation. This program builds the negotiating skills that let you create constructive agreements between the project team and the rest of the project stakeholders. A special section focuses on how to deal with a difficult negotiator.

3. Managing Risk & Making Decisions

A 2-day, 14 PDU instructor-led program This program details the basic risk-management sequence of identification, qualification, quantification, response development, and response control. You will learn how to plan for the likely risks and how to mitigate the less likely ones, using front-end risk planning and on-going issue management. Includes the challenging project risk game, Stays & Days© & Dragons, to illustrate the concepts being learned.

4. Leading the Project Team: The Human Side of Performance

A 2-day, 14 PDU instructor-led program New managers need leadership skills, and this program provides the knowledge, tools, and practical experience for participants to move from individual contributors to capable and confident project leaders. Key topics include: how to get agreement on roles and ground rules, how and when to build consensus, how to talk about task and relationship behaviors, and how to build a team that sees itself as a team.

5. Winning Project Presentations

A 2-day, 14 PDU instructor-led program As a project manager, you must present to, converse with, and convince a variety of audiences every day. This program focuses on how to develop, design, and deliver a results-oriented presentation. You will learn how to organize a talk based on an objective, use a specific format, and rehearse your talk.

6. Managing the Project’s Organizational Context

A 2-day, 14 PDU instructor-led program Individual projects influence, and are influenced by, their organizational context. This program provides you with tools for managing the “side effects” of organizational change. You’ll gain hands-on experience planning a change effort in a real organization as well as an understanding of the impact of change on your organization.

7. Computer Tools for Project Management

A 2-day, 14 PDU instructor-led program A 3-person, 5-month project should not take days to plan. You should be able to correct a plan and track your project in just a few minutes a week. Through lecture and class discussion, guided interaction on the computer, and learn-by-doing team workshops, this program builds your fundamental knowledge and practical skill with several computer tools.

8. Chartering Projects: Managing the Business Priorities of the Project Portfolio

A 2-day, 14 PDU instructor-led program This capstone program shows you how to position your project within the business, emphasizing the on-going relationship between an individual project’s needs and a business’s strategic objectives. You will learn how to charter a new project and how to make the right choice among several proposed projects: how to avoid the bad, postpone the questionable, and launch the profitable.