How To Get Your PMP®

Today’s rapidly evolving business environment requires companies to constantly adapt to meet the needs of their customers and other stakeholders. Long-term, stable operations provide a foundational framework in which businesses function, but ultimately it’s a company’s ability to constantly recalibrate and complete short-term projects that will determine whether its trajectory continues toward greater success.

Though these project initiatives are temporary, they help businesses meet sweeping, mission-critical objectives. When it’s time to execute these projects, businesses should rely on certified project managers.

The Project Management Institute (PMI®) is the chief governing body of the project management profession. It offers multiple certifications to those interested in maintaining their professional credentials and improving their personal marketability. PMI’s® highest-regarded and most globally recognized certification is its Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential.

Earning and maintaining a PMP® certification is a rigorous, ongoing process that requires sustained commitment from a project manager. To become certified, project managers must show they have relevant experience in the industry and then pass the comprehensive PMP® Exam. To keep their PMP® status, they must recertify every three years.

At New Leaf Project Management, we offer customized training in the form of interactive online games, white paper test modules, instructor-led training programs and more. Each activity earns project managers PDU credits, bringing them closer to their PMP® recertification goals. There is no more affordable and convenient way to maintain PMP® certification.

But before addressing the recertification process, here’s how New Leaf Project Management can help your company’s project managers earn their initial PMP® certification.

The PMI’s® ‘Four E’s’

PMI® maintains stringent requirements for PMP® certification, easily remembered by thinking of them as the “four E’s”:

Education: PMI® requires candidates to have earned either a secondary (high school diploma, Associate’s degree or equivalent) or four-year degree (Bachelor’s degree or equivalent). Applicants must also show they have received at least 35 hours of education related to project management.

Experience: A project manager’s required experience varies, based on the degree he or she holds. Those with secondary degrees must have five years of project management experience with 7,500 hours as project managers. Those with four-year degrees must have at least three years of project management experience and 4,500 as project managers.

Ethics: Project managers are expected to act ethically in both internal- and external-facing initiatives.

Exam: The PMP® Exam is a half-day test offered through the PMI®.

PMI’s® PMP® Handbook lists further eligibility requirements.

New Leaf Project Management’s ‘Exam Boot Camp’

No matter how sterling a PMP® applicant’s education, experience and personal code of ethics, the PMP® Exam remains the final hurdle before certification. Fortunately for aspiring PMPs®, New Leaf Project Management has developed the “PMP® Exam Boot Camp” program to prepare candidates for the test.

Drawing upon more than 30 years of project management expertise and his experience as a contributor to PMI’s® “bible,” The PMBOK® Guide, New Leaf’s Jack Nevison has developed a comprehensive, two-day course with the goal of preparing project managers to pass the Exam on their first try.

New Leaf Project Management will help candidates understand their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as contextualize how their experience translates to the requirements of the test.

PMP® applicants can also review New Leaf’s full suite of white papers, written by Nevison and others. These papers cover a broad range of project management topics, some of which will help PMP® candidates with the Exam.

With the full resources of New Leaf Project Management on your side, your project managers will remain in the top tier of their profession, providing your business with agility and flexibility—and strong bottom-line results.

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