How To Keep Your PMP®

Even after earning the most highly regarded and globally recognized certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI®)—the Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential—professionals must remain committed to these standards. Passing the comprehensive PMP® Exam is indicative of a project manager's baseline experience and professional knowledge, but the PMI®'s strict recertification requirements ensure that this level of commitment never falls.

Through its Continuing Certification Requirements program, PMI® dictates that PMP® certifications be renewed every three years, during which time project managers must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs). PMP® recertification allows project managers to maintain their PMP® credential and, in turn, improve their professional performance, ultimately leading to more effective projects.

Project managers have no shortage of options when it comes time to renew their PMP® certification, but not all PDU-earning activities provide the same degree of professional learning as others.

New Leaf Project Management offers PMP®-certified professionals the opportunity to earn 108 PDUs through convenient, insightful, affordable and self-directed proprietary exercises, including:

  • White papers (64 PDUs): PMP®-certified professionals and those seeking a first-time certification can access 16 white papers written by New Leaf authors, including Jack Nevison, who helped develop The PMBOK® Guide. The first five white papers cover "Reviewed Basics," while 11 are categorized as "Intermediate and Advanced." There is no cost for reading a white paper, but project managers have the option of earning PDUs for completing a quiz based on the paper's content.
  • Quantitative Project Manager™ games (44 PDUs): The QPM™ series consists of 15 entertaining, informative and interactive exercises designed to stimulate project managers' creativity and critical thinking skills. QPM™ activities can be completed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

These two recertification methods provide the most value for project managers—each PDU costs up to 10 times less to earn than traditional classroom training. New Leaf Project Management also understands that project managers are required to respond nimbly to the evolving demands of their jobs, so the exercises are designed to be completed efficiently.

On average, the investment required to earn one PDU through white papers or QPM™ challenges provided by New Leaf Project Management is about one-third less than through traditional means.

The full picture of PMP® recertification

It's important not to view PMP® recertification as a burdensome, last-minute chore with merely short-term benefits. Project managers who invest themselves fully in recertification will become irreplaceable assets to their organizations.

New Leaf Project Management provides PMP®-certified professionals with the practical tools that they can immediately apply to their day-to-day work, improving their organizations as a whole in the process. The professional benefits of maintaining certification are undeniable, but it's the deepening of project managers' professional knowledge that is the ultimate goal of New Leaf Project Management.

Our portfolio of PMP® recertification exercises was developed based on the experiences of project managers and is constantly updated to reflect the most up-to-date industry standards and practices, as described in The PMBOK® Guide. New Leaf Project Management prepares professionals for the emerging challenges of 21st-century project management.

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