Leading Project Teams: The Human Side of Performance

A 2-day, 14 PDU (1.4 CEU) instructor-led program

For full details and 2-day agenda, download flier (PDF)

This program provides the knowledge, tools, and practical experience for participants to move from individual contributors to capable and confident project leaders. Effective leaders know how work gets done and understand how those doing the work make it happen. Tomorrow’s leaders must focus on creating an organization with an increased capacity to serve both employees and clients. A leader must be a master of communication, delegation, facilitation, and motivation. Leaders must also know how to achieve their goals by wielding power and influence appropriately. And they must do all this while still satisfying their clients.

Key topics include: how to get agreement on roles and ground rules, how and when to build consensus, how to talk about task and relationship behaviors, and how to build a team that sees itself as a team.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Draft a personal and team mission statement
  • Help every team member develop professional goals
  • Create a personal schedule that balances multiple projects with multiple objectives
  • Create a process for effective communication and collaboration
  • Resolve conflicts before they undermine the team’s performance
  • Train team members to become mutually accountable and respectful
  • Set realistic expectations and give timely feedback
  • Conduct effective team meetings