Winning Project Presentations

Ten steps to successful presentations

A 2-day, 14 PDU (1.4 CEU) instructor-led program

For full details and 2-day agenda, download flier (PDF)

As a project manager, you must present to, converse with, and convince a variety of audiences every day. This program teaches you how to develop, design, and deliver a results oriented presentation. First, you will save time and energy as you learn how to develop a talk based on an objective. You will then use a specific format (for example, recommend a strategy, convince people of a problem, update a project), to organize the content logically. Second, you will design your slides according to certain guidelines that teach you how to get your message across on the slide without inundating your audience with unnecessary information. Finally, you will practice delivering a real work presentation and discover how to use your unique personal style to keep your audience’s attention.

The program features special advice on the use of PowerPoint slides to enhance presentations. The instructor also critiques each participant’s slides. The instructor discusses the benefits and perils of using the latest presentation technology.

Materials for this workshop include a program workbook and two books: Point, Click, Wow! A Quick Guide to Brilliant Laptop Presentations, by Claudyne Wilder and Jennifer Rotondo, and The Presentations Kit: 10 Steps for Selling Your Ideas, by Claudyne Wilder.

Upon completion, you will be able to follow the 10 steps:

  • Channel your nervousness. Practice ten techniques to project confidence.
  • Define your objective. Use specific business formats to save time when organizing information.
  • Organize everything. Sustain audience interest by cutting out unnecessary data.
  • Create and use effective visuals. Use visual checklists to create focused slides.
  • Energize yourself. Look, sound, and act like a pro in front of your audience.
  • Motivate your listeners. Establish rapport with your audience.
  • Conclude with conviction. Convince your audience with an energetic stance and a well- thought-out conclusion.
  • Manage questions. Answer difficult questions or tricky objections. Use “The Question Setup.”
  • Recommend next steps. Be specific and confident when recommending actions and negotiating next steps.
  • Take the leap from excellence to art. Maximize your personal presentation style.